Screw compressor controllers.
Year 1994, The Screw compressor was made the first time.
Year 1996, Program update, whit many new features, Eprom “GSV/GSF 96960 V1.0”

Year 2000, CELLmatic ApS has taken over the former CELL Automation A/S program of compressor controllers.

Through our cooperation with Thy-tronic can we offer service and replacements of old controllers with new CELLmatic 1502.

Year 2008, Thy-tronic i/s has taken over the former CELLmatic ApS program of compressor controllers.

Year 2018, We have optimized, the purchase, production and our warehouse, the last 10 Years.

We produce the new CELLmatic 1502 controllers for use at screw compressors in the cooling industry.

We deliver spare parts and make reparations of CELL computers from the 500 and 400 family. The CELLcomputers were the most used controller on the cooling compressors from Broedrene Gram A/S. Equally can we help with changes and adaptations of the software to CELLmatic 1502.

Who are we?
Thy-tronic i/s, is organized as a cooperation with great competence around the CELLmatic products and
CELL Computers.

We are a group of independent technical experts, because we like it and because we wish to create results
together with our customers.

Delivery guarantee.

We can delivery new CELLmatic 1502 Screw compressor controls, for many years forward.
We do have many parts on stock, and can deliver from day to day.

Repairs of old GRAMmatic´s and CELLmatic 1502.
We can also repair, the old ones, at our factory in Thisted, Denmark.